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This is an album of teenage love songs, including the irrepressible hit, 'McDonald's Girl', originally banned by the BBC, covered by the Barenaked Ladies, #1 in Norway for the Blenders and now a national TV and radio commercial for McDonalds. It's a concept album of sorts, telling a tale in song of sweet adolescent romance, angst and adventure, beginning with their very First Date. Until recently an overlooked fan-favorite and one of my personal favorite albums. It also includes four bonus tracks - 'I Didn't Mean to Make You Cry', 'Nookie in the Mail', 'Follow Your Heart' and the often requested 'The Lakelands'. Listen and decide for yourself.

Here's how it works:

Option (A): If things are tight and your wallet's lookin' a little thin, just go ahead and use the link(s), at the very bottom of this page, to download, 'Rumpled Romeo', for free. (maybe bring some friends along to the next gig I play in your neighborhood)

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