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This was the first album which I invited my listening audience to help finance. I'd written a bunch of tunes, I was ready to record, but I still needed funding to update my studio and pay musicians. I was sitting in my Treehouse and thought, 'why don't I just ask all the folks on my website to help fund it?'. (This was 8 years before Kickstarter was invented.). So I sat down and composed an email asking just that. I was a little worried that everyone would write back saying, 'Dean, why don't you go get a real job?'. Some folks actually did, but many more were supportive of the idea, and pledged money, for which I am immensely grateful. All my albums since have been financed the same way. Most of the album was written and recorded after 9/11 and many of the songs are a response to that. I intentionally wanted to create something soothing and contemplative, with simple, mostly acoustic accompaniment. It's a sometimes misunderstood and overlooked album, but contains some of the songs and recordings I'm most proud of, including 'No School Today' and 'George Washington Slept Here'.

Here's how it works:

Option (A): If things are tight and your wallet's lookin' a little thin, just go ahead and use the link(s), at the very bottom of this page, to download 'The Treehouse Journals' album, for free. (maybe bring some friends along to the next gig I play in your neighborhood)

Option (B): If, on the other hand, things are honky-dory, and you'd like to contribute something to the cost of creating all this cool, original music, simply click on one of the DONATE links below (you can pay in dollars, pounds or euros, with any debit or credit card or via PayPal), then come back to this page and download the new album.

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Choose from the following download options: 1. CD-quality .wav (lossless) audio or 2. excellent sounding, compressed .mp3 (192k) audio.

[NOTE: wav files are larger, take longer to download and take up more room on your hard-drive, but sound equal to a CD.  mp3 files are smaller, download quicker and take up less room on your hard-drive. They're also the standard for iPods and other mp3 players. Also, these files are zipped, so you'll need a program like WinZip to unzip the files, once they're on your harddrive. Any problems just email me at]


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Thanks for listening and enjoy the music!


PS: After you've listened, drop me a line and let me know what you think!


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